Independence Day Celebration : 15 August 2020


This year Army Public school Jhansi ensured that the fervour of patriotism lives on and shifted the Independence Day Celebration online. The program started with the live streaming of the flag hoisting by the principal Mrs Meenakshi Panjwani. Rest of the content was pre-recorded. The students recorded their items under the guidance of the teachers in the safety of their homes. The recorded videos sent by the students were compiled by the IT Department and were broadcasted with live anchoring. The students participated wholeheartedly and proved that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’, even during the hard times of the COVID-19 Pandemic nothing can deter their determination and they would move ahead overcoming all hurdles. The students and the parents watched the live program via the link sent to them on Microsoft Teams. The program culminated with the Principal’s address and the vote of thanks given by Samya Katara followed by the school anthem.

Primary Wing Investiture Ceremony : 15 August 2020


Primary wing conducted the investiture ceremony was conducted on Independence Day. The following office bearers were selected:- (a) Ranveer Bhardwaj (class-5D - Head Boy (b) Tejasvi Pandey (class-5E) - Head Girl 22. In alliance with the COVID-19 norms, the pining in ceremony was conducted at the students homes with the help of their proud parents, the photographs of the ceremony were shared with the entire school via the official class Whatsapp groups.

Investiture Ceremony : 14 August 2020


The Investiture ceremony signifies the reliance and confidence that the school consigns in the newly invested office bearers. Donning the mantle of accountability, they also pledge to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities. Every year the Investiture Ceremony was held in Army Public School Jhansi with great pomp and show, the marching drill of the new office bearers and the swearing of the oath. But it seems that the lock down due to pandemic COVID-19 has failed to dampen the zeal and enthusiasm of APS Jhansi. During the unprecedented crisis , the school resorted to the digital route to conduct the Investiture Ceremony, connecting the management, parents, staff and students online. It was conducted with the high degree of earnestness and passion .Before the ceremony started, the Sashes and badges were sent to the new office bearers. The event was presided over by Mrs Meenakshi Panjwani, Principal, APS Jhansi. It commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by Saraswati Vandana, which signifies removal of darkness. Thereafter a welcome note was given by Mrs Rajni Verma. The new council members were asked to appear on the screen online. The parents were instructed to do the honours by conferring the new council members with the sashes and badges, followed by the swearing of the oath. The students promised to take responsibilities sincerely and with devotion and that they would take the institution to greater heights. After the oath taking ceremony, the Principal congratulated them and admonished them to be impartial and honest in discharging their duties. She also exhorted them to uphold the values and reminded them that with position comes responsibility towards themselves, their school and peers and struggles help one to achieve heights. She advised them to be role models and extended a supporting hand to the students’ council for the smooth running of the school. The function concluded with the National Anthem

Janmashtami Special Assembly


A speech was delivered by the monitors and the prefects in their respective classes under the guidance of the concerned class teachers. A short talk was given by the class teacher explaining the relevance of the occasion. The students had performed a dance on “kanha so ja jara” which was shown on Zoom App and MS Team.A song link from Youtube “meethi meethi merey sawariya ki bansi....” was shared for the children to listen.

Webinar on “Simplifying New Education Policy for Parents & Students


A Webinar was conducted on 09 August 2020 by High School Moms, a non-profitable organization by the most respected Principals from India’s best schools. It was organized by Mr Abhishek Gupta, career counsellor, Times Education Icon. The guests discussed about the impact of New Education Policy on the parents and the students, especially in board classes. It was a very interactive session where almost 800-900 students, parents and teachers from all over India participated.

TGT Maths Webinar : 4-7 August 2020


Mr Amrit Chaurasia and Mr Amit Kumar have attended the FDRC Workshop for TGT Maths on various teaching strategies in Maths during the period 4 - 7 August 2020. Presenter were from APS Dhaula kuan and APS Pune. Opening and closing ceremony of the workshop was done by MD of AWES.






RESULTS OF RAKHI MAKING COMPETITIONS (SENIORS CLASSES) CLASS 6TH 1. Nibedita Mahata Class 6B 2. Mahi Gupta class 6E 3. Vivek Kumar class 6C CLASS 7TH 1. Akshat Shrivastsva class 7 B 2. Sneha Dey class 7D 3. Vasundhara class 7B 4. Parastish Class 7C CLASS 8TH 1. Tanishka 8B 2. Neha 8A 2. Tanuja Kulat 8E 3. Ruchika 8 C CLASS 9TH 1. Himanshu Yadav. Cl -9C 2. Aryan Kumar. Cl- 9C 3. Vivek Singh. Cl- 9E CLASS 10TH 1. Manas Cl 10C 2. Aaliya Cl 10 A 3. Shivanshi Cl 10 A CLASS 12TH 1) Ashish Kumar Verma - 12 B 2) N Manishramar - 12 B 3) Nikhil Kumar Nishu - 12 B




The 21th Anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas


The 21st Anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas was commemorated on 26.07.2020. As part of the momentous occasion, a number of activities were organized online . The Competitions represented the life of Indian Soldiers during the war of Kargil, highlighting their Patriotism, Sacrifices and most importantly the values - Integrity and Unity. The Comemoration celebration witnessed the enthusiastic participation of students, ably motivated by teachers.

Poster Making Competition : 24 July 2020.


To commemorate Kargil Diwas, a Poster Making Competition for classes 9 to 12 was held. Last entries were collected till 24 July 2020. Students were asked to scan or click pictures and send of the activity done. Best entries were selected.

Expressions Amidst Corona Lockdown


"Everything will be alright" message of hope spread by our students appealing to maintain social distancing to fight the Corona battle. The tiny minds are trying to boost the morale of their near and dear ones through their drawings slogans and Appeal of prevention against Corona. Their effort it is indeed laudable.

Expressions Amidst Corona Lockdown


"Everything will be alright" message of hope spread by our students appealing to maintain social distancing to fight the Corona battle. The tiny minds are trying to boost the morale of their near and dear ones through their drawings slogans and Appeal of prevention against Corona. Their effort it is indeed laudable.

Expressions Amidst Corona Lockdown


"Everything will be alright" message of hope spread by our students appealing to maintain social distancing to fight the Corona battle. The tiny minds are trying to boost the morale of their near and dear ones through their drawings slogans and Appeal of prevention against Corona. Their effort it is indeed laudable.

Expressions Amidst Corona Lockdown


"Everything will be alright" message of hope spread by our students appealing to maintain social distancing to fight the Corona battle. The tiny minds are trying to boost the morale of their near and dear ones through their drawings slogans and Appeal of prevention against Corona. Their effort it is indeed laudable.

Expressions Amidst Corona Lockdown


"Everything will be alright" message of hope spread by our students appealing to maintain social distancing to fight the Corona battle. The tiny minds are trying to boost the morale of their near and dear ones through their drawings slogans and Appeal of prevention against Corona. Their effort it is indeed laudable.

Teachers’ Workshop


(a)An FDRC workshop was organized by Miss Ranjana Kushwaha on 22 Feb 2020 where she spoke about the ‘Importance of Communication and all Four Skills of Language’. She further explained about various fun based activities to improve learning among young students. The workshop was very interesting and interactive. (b) An FDRC workshop on Childhood Education was taken up by Ms. Krishna Sahu on 28 Feb 2020. She spoke on the Importance of Holistic Development of children. A fun learning activity was conducted for the teachers, which can be implemented in the classroom teaching to facilitate physical and cognitive development of children. (c) An FDRC workshop on ‘Methodologies of Problem Solving’ was conducted by Ms. Richa Shukla on 06 Mar 2020 with a purpose to make Maths interesting for Primary students. A presentation related to various activities like puzzles, drawings, and carts was shown, which can be implemented in the classroom teachings on day to day basis. It was an interesting and interactive workshop.

CCA Sharing Party Seniors


It is very important to induce the sense of sharing in the hearts of the students. In order to experience the joy of sharing, class party was organized for the students of all the classes from 25 Feb to 27 Feb 2020. All the students actively participated in the same by sharing eatables with their classmates and enjoyed the party thoroughly under the guidance of their class teachers.

CCA Sharing Party primary


It is very important to induce the sense of sharing in the hearts of the students. In order to experience the joy of sharing, class party was organized for the students of all the classes from 25 Feb to 27 Feb 2020. All the students actively participated in the same by sharing eatables with their classmates and enjoyed the party thoroughly under the guidance of their class teachers.

Tristar Spirit Challenge


Tristars Triathlon & Run from SS Farms Bijoli had organized the Tristar Spirit Challenge in different cities. Kanishka Singh of VIIA had successfully completed the challenge of Swimming, Cycling and Running in 2 hours & 18 minutes. She was awarded Certificate and Trophy by the Principal, APS, Jhansi on 26 Feb 2020. Kanishka Singh of Class VII A participated in the event and was awarded a certificate and a trophy for successfully completing the Swimming, Cycling and Running (sprinting) rounds in 2 hours & 18 minutes.

White Hat Junior


White Hat Junior is a global online platform for the kids of 6- 14 years age group. The platform harnesses the natural creativity of kids with coding tools to help them create professional ready digital products of global impact. Master Tajender Tanwar of VII A is one of the youngest kids in the world to become White Hat Certified Game Developer. He has been awarded the certificate for game development by a panel of computer scientists from IIT, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Amazon.

Evacuation Drill


An evacuation drill was conducted in APS, Jhansi with respect to the terrorist attack in the school. Plan No -01 was executed when Gate No -01 blocked by the terrorist. An alarm was rung in the school to start the evacuation. Students along with teachers on different floors were evacuated according to the pre-discussed plan from the nearby staircases and were accumulated in two different locations outside the school premises. Meanwhile, QRT surrounded the school. During the evacuation, entire staff of the school including administrative staff and group ‘D’ employees were involved.

Maha Shivratri


A special assembly was conducted on 20 Feb 2020 by the students of classes IV, V & VI to celebrate Maha Shivratri. The assembly began with a speech delivered by Alia Mulla of IX D where she spoke about the significance of Maha Shivratri. Later on, a beautiful skit was staged by the students of class IV, depicting the story of ‘Samudra Manthan’ where Lord Shiva had consumed poison in order to save the world. The assembly ended after a colourful folk dance presented by the students of classes V & VI.

Career Counseling Workshop


A Demonstration and Presentation by ‘We Heal’. An inspiring presentation was organised by the team of ‘We Heal’ for qualitative enhancement of concentration among the students on 18 Feb 2020. It consisted of a presentation followed by an interactive session where the group explained the reason behind lack of concentration among the students in studies now a days. The students were advised to identify their flaws and work on rectifying them rather than blaming others for their failures. Students also shared their fears and insecurities related to exams, stage fear and stammering. It was a very interesting and informative session.

A Workshop on Fire Drill


Fire drills are very important in schools as it enable and helps us refine our evacuation plan and ensures that everyone in the school is prepared for an emergency. Keeping the above in mind a workshop on evacuation and fire drill was conducted successfully in APS Jhansi on 15 February 2020. It helped in familiarizing the teachers and other staff members of their role during an emergency to evacuate the school safely on time.

Teacher’s Online Session By CBSE


CBSE conducted a Webinar on 10 February 2020 for the teachers of classes 9 to 12 for the smooth conduct of board exams. The presentation was given by Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Controller of Examination, CBSE. The live telecast of the same was shown to the teachers in the English Language Lab.

Hindi Debate Competition


Hindi Debate Competition, organized by Lions Club of Jhansi Manglik, was held on 08 February 2020 at Rajkiya Sangrahalaya, Jhansi. Topic for the same was ‘Effect of Modernization on Health and Mental Development’. 14 schools participated in the event where Miss Nishita Rathi and Miss Swati Yadav of class 9th from our school won second prize in favour and against the motion and Master Tapan Kumar Padhi of class- 11th was felicitated under the category of meritorious students.

Farewell of class XII


The assembly area of Army Public School, Jhansi echoed with the blessings on the morning of 7 February when the APS family came together to bid farewell to the outgoing 2019- 2020 batch of class 12 students. It was the morning of mixed emotions for all present at the school assembly ground to witness the official send- off for class 12th students at the Valedictory Ceremony. The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. Students of class XI organized a farewell party with great enthusiasm and of course endeavored to leave a trail of nostalgia behind for togetherness. Elegantly dressed, the outgoing students entered the school premises at 11 a.m. and were received by the eleventhies. The event began wherein section wise class 12 students introduced themselves and showcased their outfits. Titles of Mr. & Miss APS, Mr & Miss well Groomed and Mr & Miss Popular. The other students were also given various tities based on their achievements overall conduct through the entire session. It was followed by captivating dance performance by the girls and boys of class 11 along with a medley and a skit dedicated especially for their seniors.

Visit of Brig Randeep Singh Chatha, New Chairman, APSJ


The newly appointed Chairman of APSJ Brig Randeep Singh Chatha paid an official visit to the school on 05 February 2020 along with Lt Col Atul Dang, SO, APSJ and Lt Col Depankar Sharma, OIC, APSJ. A presentation was given by the Principal, Mrs Meenakshi Panjwani followed by the visit of the school premises, various departments and labs.

Counseling Session


A lecture on how to score well and overcome examination stress was organized for the students of classes IX to XII in the school auditorium during school hours. The session was taken up Mrs Harpinder Kaur, a professional counselor in 31 Armoured Division (AWWA). She spoke to the students on the symptoms of stress and how to manage it through breathing exercises, meditation and how to concentrate better through brain gym. She also apprised the students on career confusion and how to deal with it giving examples of successful average students. She interacted with the students and answered their queries and even took up personal counseling session with parents and students.

School Exchange Program


Under the school exchange program, the students of class 8th-A were sent to KV No-1 on 04 February 2020 to interact and share their ideas with the students of KV No-1. A kho-kho match was organized between the students of APS Jhansi and KV No-1. They visited the school laboratories and classrooms as a part of the exchange program followed by a formal interaction with the Principal of the school. The program concluded on a good note after refreshments.

Teachers’ Workshop


A workshop was conducted on 31 January 2020 by Mr Amrit Chaurasiya on the topic ‘NODAL Examination Training cum Orientation Program’ which was attended by him in Kanpur. He shared the necessary information and the general instruction for filling the roll numbers by the students. Teachers were updated with the latest evaluation pattern of the answer sheets in order to avoid any discrepancy. The workshop was very informative and updated the teachers with the latest examination pattern of CBSE.

National Level Story Telling Competition


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched an innovative National Level Story Telling Competition for all the students ranging from Classes III to XII. The competition was held at school level and regional level in the month of November and December. Its a proud moment for APS Jhansi as Miss Maira of class X-C has cleared the regional level and will be representing APS Jhansi at the national level which will be held by the board in Delhi on 27 & 28 January 2020.

Republic Day Celebration


The 71st Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at APS, Jhansi on 26th January 2020. The students saluted the national flag and pledged themselves to uphold the honour and integrity of the nation. The chief guest Brig Sumeet Mathur, Chairman, APSJ hoisted the flag and everyone rose for the national anthem in its honour. The choir group presented a patriotic song. The whole school joined the choir and the song reverberated in the surroundings .It was followed by a beautiful folk dance by the senior girls of APS Jhansi. The melodious music and graceful movements of the dancers were spellbinding. The Chief Guest addressed the students and urged them to do their best and feel proud to be Indians. The students dispersed after snacks with the image of the fluttering tricolour in their minds.

Parent-Teacher Meet


PTM was conducted on 25 January 2020 for classes 1 to 12 to apprise the parents regarding the performance of their wards in the Pre Board-2, UT- 2 and EV-2. Following points were discussed in the meeting:- (a) Date sheet and syllabus for the annual exam.. (b) Remedial classes for the below average students. (c) Submission of Serving Certificates from parents of the OR and JCO category.

Pariksha Pe Charcha’ by Honorable Prime Minister


Pariksha Pe Charcha’ 3.0 event was conducted at Talkatora stadium, New Delhi on 20 January 2020, at 11 am. Honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi interacted with the students and teachers about various aspects of the examination; how to release stress during the exam and shared his own anecdotes and solutions to the many problems that surround the examination. Live telecast of the third season of the event was shown to the students of classes X & XII of APSJ where the PM shared "valuable tips" with them to ensure they take the upcoming board and entrance exams in a relaxed manner.

3rd Aerial National Championship 2020


The championship was organized by Aerial Sports Association Ahmedabad held at Anand Niketan Sugad Campus Caba International School, Gandhinagar (Gujrat) from 18-19 Jan 2020. Miss Sneha Verma of class VI-E represented Uttar Pradesh Aerial Team under the guidance of Mrs Vandana Kushwaha, Sports Teacher of APSJ and brought laurel to the school securing 2nd position. She won a silver medal and Appreciation Certificate.

A Visit to Witness Army Day Celebration


Army day was organized at Hathi Ground, Jhansi Cantt where army equipment were displayed for families and children of various schools in the Jhansi station on 15-16 January 2020. A total of 17 teachers and 87 students from classes III to VIII of APSJ were availed the opportunity to witness the event on 15 January from 8:30 am to 12 pm. Miss Chhaya Singh of VIII-C was rewarded a consolation prize of Rs 500/ by GOC, 31 Armd Div for answering a question.

16th Cadet National Fencing Championship Under -17 for Boys & Girls


The championship was organized by Fencing Association & Hyderabad Sports Directorate held at M.L.R. Institute of Technology Dandigal Police Station Road Hyderabad (Telangana) during 13-15 January 2020. Two girls from APS Jhansi participated against U.P. Region and received participation certificates.

Makar Sankranti Celebration


A special assembly on ‘Makar Sankranti’ was conducted on 14 January 2020. On the occasion, a speech was delivered by Miss Kanishka Singh of class VII-A to mark the arrival of spring season and to make the students aware of the significance of Makar Sankranti and its different forms of celebration.

Appreciation Award Announced By Patron, APS Jhansi


On the occasion of Annual Sports Day Celebration-2019; Kanishka Singh of class VII-A received an appreciation award as cash prize of Rs 2100, announced by Maj General Vijay Singh, VSM, GOC 31 Armed Division(Patron of APSJ) for exhibiting exemplary bravery after she fell off accidentally while cantering on a horse during Horse Riding Show.

Entrance Exam for Sainik School, Jhansi


An Entrance exam for Sainik School, Jhansi, was organized by APS Jhansi on 5 January 2020. A total of no of 758 out 900 students appeared for the same. It was conducted smoothly and successfully.

State Level Football Match


State Level Football Match for senior girls, conducted from 17 - 21 Dec 2019, was organized by Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Green Park Stadium, Kanpur. 08 x Girls from APS Jhansi participated in the same.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Week


The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Week was conducted with various competitions as slogan writing and essay writing. The students also cleaned the school campus to observe and mark the importance of cleanliness. After which on 13 Dec 2019, a road show was taken out where students from classes 6 to 11 carried and displayed slogans and banners and walked around the school making the students aware of the cleanliness and pledged to make and keep India clean and green and to improve the sanitation and well-being of the nation.

Video Conference


A Video Conference Session was conducted on 12 Dec 2019, headed by the Principal, Mrs. Meenakshi Panjwani, under the guidance of Ms. Rajni Verma and Ms. Navita Karim. The students who participated were Aishwarya Mishra, Udita Kumari, Himanshu Dixit, Akshat Majumdar, Satvik Mehra, Atul Singh Yadav, Ritika Lutra, Adhvika Anirudha, Nikhita Rathi, Kaustubh Sahu and Sarthak Singh. The technical assistance for the same was provided by Mr. Prashant Chaturvedi and Mr. Kaleem Ahmed. The conference session started at 7:50 a.m. The participants for the conference were the students of Army Public School Jhansi and Sekolah Victory Plus Indonesia. The topic for discussion was Article 18 UNDHR (United Nations Declaration of Human Rights). The facilitator for the same was Mr. Cory Davis. The topic was discussed universally and the students actively participated in the same. The conference dealt with what is article 18 and the thoughts of new generation. The students talked about the different religion followed in the countries, inner strength of the countries and the violation of human rights. In specific they talked about Bali (Indonesia) and India. They also discussed what could be done as citizens and what action the government takes. The conference focused on beliefs of the people all over the world and how it affects the complete scenario of the country and in turn the world. The students from both schools discussed case studies related to human rights violation. Lastly the conference dealt with the reflection that came from both the schools and the students felt more confident and enlightened on Article 18. The video conference was a great success.

Armed Forces Flag Day


Armed Forces Flag Day in India is celebrated annually in remembrance of the sacrifices made by the soldiers of Army, Air Force and Navy towards the nation. A special assembly was conducted on 7 Dec 2019. The assembly commenced with a speech delivered by Arav Agarwal of class 6-C to make the students aware of the courage and valour of those who preserve the territorial integrity of our country.

World Disability Day


A special assembly on ‘World Disability Day’ was conducted on 3 Dec 2019. On the occasion, Guru Dutt ,Arpit and Jaishmine enlightened the students with their brief information about a few Indian disabled person like Arunima Sinha, Vaishali Salavkar and Girish Sharma with the objective of compassion for disabled, self -respect and support to improve their lives. Twelve children of classes 3rd with two school teachers Mrs Savita Agrawal and Mr Kaleem Ahmad visited Asha School (situated near Military Hospital, Jhansi) with fruits, chocolates and snacks for distribution to all the children. Students of APS Jhansi played games, danced and celebrated birthday of a girl named Nayan studying in Asha School.

Career Counseling Workshop


A career counseling workshop was held for the students of classes IX to XII in the school auditorium on 19 Nov’19 by Mr. PramodTiwari, a career counselor from Jagaran Lake University, Bhopal. The workshop gave an insight about why the career opted should be based on individual interest and passion. It emphasized on the point that there are various opportunities that are now being availed by science students other than medical & engineering. Mr Pramod Tiwari also shared insights about Hotel Management and Man Communication as career options. The workshop ended by the students asking their queries regarding the choice of subjects and career after class XII.

Celebration of 191st Birth Anniversary of Rani Laxmi Bai


(a) A rally of students was organised for all the schools and colleges of Jhansi Cantonment area on 19 Nov 2019, to celebrate the historic occasion of Birth Anniversary of great Freedom Fighter and martyr Rani Laxmibai, in the Jhansi Cantt area . An enthusiastic group of 300 students of APS Jhansi accompanied with the teachers. (b) A special assembly was conducted in the school by the students classes VI &VII on 19 Nov’19. The assembly commenced with a speech delivered by Mandvi Singh who spoke about Rani Laxmi Bai’s courage and fearlessness. A skit was performed by Manya Sharma of class V A and Harshita Solanki of VI E, highlighting the contribution of the ‘Warrior Queen’ in the Indian history of struggle for freedom. The assembly culminated with the song ‘Khub Ladi Mardani’ sung by the students of classes VI &VII, to pay homage to the patriotic and uncompromising Rani Laxmi Bai who fought imperialism with velour and determination

Children’s Day Celebration


APS, Jhansi celebrated Children’s Day, which marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, with enthusiasm and zeal. The celebration began with the teachers reciting prayers followed by hilarious news headlines and thought for the day, which made the students laugh and giggle. Following the tradition of APS Jhansi, a fete was organized with the theme Pirates. Teachers of all classes had set up various stalls of mouthwatering eats and exciting games including D.J. in the open ground. It was a day full of fun and frolic. Children enjoyed it thoroughly.

Guru Nanak Jayanti


Guru Nanak Devji, the 1st Sikh Guru travelled widely to spread the message of love and compassion. His birthday is observed as ‘Guruparv’ across the globe. To observe the auspicious occasion the students of classes VI& VII conducted a special assembly on 13 Nov’19. The assembly commenced with a speech delivered by RishikaLoothera of 9D who elaborated the literal meaning of ‘Ek Omkar’ prayer. Shabad Keertan was also enchanted by the students of classes VI & VII in reverence and homage.

Trekking Tour to Pachmarhi : 01 - 07 NOV 2019


Nov 2019 to 07Nov19. A group of 35 students along with two teachers (Mr Ashok Singh & Ms Poornima) of APS Jhansi left Jhansi on 30 Sep 19 for Pachmarhi. The objective of the trip was to train the students for “Trekking”. The event was organized by “Bharat Scouts and Guides”- National Adventure Institute, Pachmarhi (M.P.). (b) The programme was chalked out by the organisers for one week. Under this programme, students visited Cultural Library, Map Craft Institute, Ancient Lord Shivas Temples named Jatashankar, Gupt Mahadev, Chauragarh Mahadev Temple etc. Students also visited ‘Handi- Khoh’ and ‘Rajendragiri’ ,the beautiful Cloudscapes “Bee Fall”(waterfall). Apart from the activities related to trekking they also tookpart actively in Terminal Crossing, Tyre-Wall, Commando Bridge, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Volley Crossing and Walking Down to Pandavas Caves. The students also enjoyed boating and evening campfire. The tour culminated with the activity of planting saplings by all the students.

Workshop on Classroom Etiquettes


Classroom etiquettes refer to the manner in which students are expected to behave in the classroom which includes being respectful to the teachers and fellow mates, active participation in the lectures, punctuality and maintaining personal hygiene and overall conduct. Keeping the above in view, a special session on classroom etiquettes was conducted by Ms Uma on 4 November’19 for classes I- V. It was an interactive session in which the teacher shared her views on good manners, good and bad deeds. The students participated actively in the session and shared their opinions. A total of 464 x students from classes I- V participated in the session.

Spellathon Competition


Spellathon Competition (Certificates Distribution)

Candle And Thali Decoration


Candle And Thali Decoration

Diwali Celebration.


A special assembly on ‘Diwali Celebration’ was conducted by the students of APS Jhansi on 25 Oct 19. The assembly commenced with a speech delivered by Gulam Mohd in order to make the students aware of this festival and how it is celebrated, further the students of class V set the mood of festivity by presenting an inspiring skit and a mesmerizing dance.

Group Song Competition


Group Song Competition (Certificates Distribution)

Parent- Teacher’s Meeting (PTM)


PTM was conducted for classes I-XII on 19 Oct 19 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. A total of 1698 parents attended the PTM. All the parents were made aware of their wards overall performance after the half yearly examination.

Science and Social Studies Exhibition


APS Jhansi organized a Science and Social Studies Exhibition on 19 Oct 19, where the students of classes VI- XII participated enthusiastically, displaying their innovative ideas in the form of functional and non-functional models and various projects. The students stood with their models and projects and explained them well to the parents. All the models and projects were highly appreciated by the parents. A lot of efforts were put in by the students as well as the teachers to make the exhibition a huge success.

The International English Olympiad (IEO)


The International English Olympiad (IEO) was conducted for the students of classes I to XII on 15 Oct 19. It is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) in collaboration with British Council. The content of the tests is designed to focus on communication and use of English language, rather than rote learning and correct grammar only. Participants of IEO are ranked on the basis of marks obtained in 1st Level. A total of 67 students participated from APS Jhansi in the same.

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week


Army Public School, Jhansi as part of its efforts to promote probity for public life among children and to achieve a corruption free society, observed Vigilance Awareness week from 28th October to 2nd November 2019. An array of activities was conducted within this week to emphasize on the theme Eradicate Corruption-Build a New India. The observance began with an Integrity Pledge taken by the NCC students on 14 Oct and 15 Oct in the school assembly. This was followed by slogan writing and banners made by the students of classes VI and VII on 16 Oct to highlight the negating effects of corruption in the development of our country. Speeches and lectures on the importance of having a corruption free system were delivered by the students of class IX whereas the students of class VIII participated in poster making to support the drive on 17 Oct. Lastly, the week concluded with a Debate competition on the topic Corruption Prevents Economic Growth of the Country by the students of class X and Article Writing on the same topic by the students of class XII.

Dussehra Celebration


A special assembly on Dussehra, the festival that resonates with the victory of good over evil, was presented by the students of classes IV-V on 03 Oct 2019. The assembly commenced with a soulful speech delivered by Devika Giri explaining about the significance of Dussehra. This was followed by a short skit. A graceful dance by the students of classes IV-V marked the culmination of the assembly.

Gandhi Jayanti


A special assembly on Gandhi Jayanti was conducted on 01 Oct 19 by the students of APS Jhansi to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. An array of programme was conducted to pay tribute to the Father of Nation. The assembly started with a speech delivered by Aryan Dhoni of VIIB where he spoke about the life of Gandhiji and his views. A skit displaying Gandhiji’s struggle for freedom was enacted by the students of classes VI- VIII

Educational Tour


Educational tours are essential part of students’ academics as they motivate them to learn through visual experience and live examples. Keeping the above concept in mind, APS Jhansi organized educational tours for the students of classes I to XII from 26 Sept 19 to 01 Oct 19. Following were the various venues for the tour:- Ser Class Date Venue (a) I- III 1 Oct’19 Bakery (ASC) & Traffic Park (b) IV- V 1 Oct’19 Army Aviation Base (c) VI 28 Sept’19 Taragram (d) VII- VIII 28 Sept’19 Grassland Jhansi (IGFRI) (e) IX- X 26 Sept’19 Taragram (f) XI-A & XI-B 26 Sept’19 Parichha (Thermal Power Plant) (g) XI-C & XII-C 26 Sept’19 Parichha (Thermal Power Plant) (h) XI-D, XII-A & 28 Sept’19 Parichha (Thermal Power Plant XII D

Sahaja Yoga


On behalf of Shri Mataji Nirmal Devi, Sahaj Yoga Trust, New Delhi, a team of five members conducted a workshop on Sahaj Yoga for the teachers and students of APS Jhansi on 24 Sept 19. All the teachers and students actively participated in the workshop and performed various breathing exercises. As explained by them, Sahaj Yoga acts as a unique medium to establish moral values and balances physical, mental and emotional well-being of an individual.

Mega Swachhta Pakhwada


National Level Mega Swachhta Pakhwada was organized wef 17 Sep 19 and will be closed on 02 Oct 19 as a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in Jhansi by mobilizing all NCC Cadet to coincide with the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in order to spread awareness and drive for Clean India. NCC Cadets from APS Jhansi enthusiastically participated in the same by involving in the activities like Awareness Rallies, Quiz, painting, Debate Competition, Cleanliness drives in Parks, Hospitals, and Public Places etc.

State Level Swimming Competition


Uttar Pradesh Girls open Swimming Competition 2019 was organized by Sports Directorate Uttar Pradesh and Swimming Association Meerut at Kailash Praksh Pahalwan Sports Stadium Swimming Pool, Meerut from 01-12 Sep 19. Mandvi Singh of class VII-D of APSJ participated in the same representing Jhansi Mandal Swimming Team.

Talent Show Activity


A talent show was organized for classes I and II on 11 Sep 19 as a class activity. The students enthusiastically participated in the same as it provided a platform to exhibit their hidden talents of Singing, Dancing, Mimicry, Drawing, Playing Musical Instruments and Calligraphy.

District School Olympic Games-2019


District Olympic Games 2019 were organized by Rishabh Saraogi Memorial Foundation, Kreeda Bharti and Regional Sports office, at Dhyanchand Stadium, Jai Academy School, Mount Litera Zee School and Rani Laxmi Vyayam Mandir from 01-09 Sep 19. Approximately 65 schools and 5500 students participated from Jhansi district. A total of 430 students participated in the same from APS Jhansi in 22 different games. It is a proud moment for APS Jhansi as the students won a total of 241 medals with certificates in different categories and received District School Olympic Games Championship Trophy by displaying outstanding performance.



Parent-Teachers’ Meeting (PTM) was conducted for the classes I-XII on 07 Sep 19 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to inform the parents about the upcoming half yearly examination. A total no of 1556 parents attended the same.

Dengue Prevention


A Comprehensive Lecture on Dengue Prevention. was conducted by Lt Col Mona Dubey (SHO) on 6 September 2019 during morning assembly. The lecture was attended by all the staff members and students of APS Jhansi. The SHO also laid out some interesting posters, live specimens and mosquito repellent samples. The informative lecture lasted for about 40 minutes.

Teachers Day 2019


Teacher’s Day in India is celebrated on 05 Sep 19 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. APS Jhansi also celebrated Teacher’s Day on 05 Sep 19 with zeal and zest. The students of classes XI and XII took over the duties of the Teacher’s Day Celebration. They honoured the teachers by organizing a small program. The celebration began at 8:30 a.m. in the assembly area. The program was lead by a prayer sung by the tiny tots of class I, followed by various items like songs, dances, skit, etc. Games were conducted for the teachers and prizes were distributed. After the formal program, Principal Mrs. Meenakshi Panjwani and Vice Principal Mr. Naushad Khan gave away token of gratitude to all the staff on behalf of the school management. Sumptuous food was served after the games were concluded. The program wrapped up with an exciting game ‘Tug of War’ played by the male staff pitted of against each other in two teams.

Canteen Inauguration


Inauguration of Cafeteria, APS Jhansi. Mrs. Vaishali Singh, Chairperson FWO 31 Armd Div inaugurated APS Jhansi Cafeteria on 4 September’19. Mrs Singh was accompanied by Mrs. Mathur, Chairperson FWO 614 (I) AD Bde and Mrs Verma, w/o Lt Col A Verma. Mrs. Singh planted a sapling, visited the school premises and various facilities (Tab Lab, Music room, Senior girls lavatory). The visit concluded with the inauguration of the newly upgraded cafeteria followed by high tea and interaction with the staff members.

Card Making Competition


Card Making Competition was organized for classes I to V as an Inter House activity. Four cards were chosen from each section of all classes. The criterion for selection was based on students’ effort, originality of idea, border, grammatical errors and presentation. Following were the class wise themes allotted for designing cards

Ganesh Chaturthi


A special assembly on Ganesh Chaturthi was conducted by the students of APS Jhansi on 31 Aug 19. The assembly commenced with a melodious invocation by the students of classes VI to VIII. Prakash of class VI A spoke about the festival and its significance & how a single festival can unite so many diverse people of India.

Video Conferencing


Twenty four Students from classes XI-XII of APS Jhansi participated in a video conference with the students of SMK 1 Batam (Public Vocational School), Indonesia on 29 August, under the guidance of facilitator Ms Fiona Dwinger. The module for the communication was Wealth, Charity and Poverty. Students from both the schools actively participated in the dialogues. They introduced themselves and shared their thoughts on different types of wealth, difference between material and spiritual wealth and the types of wealth available in their community. They enquired and explored the concepts of wealth, poverty and charity with one another by giving examples from their community. Dialogues were exchanged on the types of social initiatives taken by the students to respond to poverty, (within their school or community) and what inspires them for the same. The video conference was conducted with reflections from the students on the learning points from dialogues. The students explained what they had learnt from one another during the session. It was indeed a meaningful learning experience for the students of both the schools.

Fancy Dress Competition


A Fancy Dress Competition was organized for classes III- V based on themes like Region, Famous Personality and Non- living things. It was conducted in two rounds. Ten participants were selected from each class for the final round. The criteria for judgment were based on outfit, relevance to the theme and speech delivered by the child.

Cluster Level English Debate Competition


An Inter School Cluster Level English Debate was held on 27 Aug19 at APS, Saugor. Six schools i.e. APS Jhansi, APS Babina,APS Kamptee, APS Gwalior, APS Bhopal and APS Sagaur participated for the same. The topic for the debate was ‘Peer Pressure is Harmful or Beneficial’. Ishita Prasant and Maira Dharwal of class 10 from APS Jhansi spoke for and against the motion, whereas Gurudutt of class VII was the interjector.

Krishna Janmastmi


The students of APS Jhansi celebrated Janmashtmi with great passion and zeal during special assembly conducted on 23rd August 2019. A speech on the essence of Shri Krishna Janmastmi was given by Master Arnav Sood of VI E. Also a skit and dance were performed by the students of classes IV- VIII to celebrate the occasion. The skit highlighted on how Radha Krishna sowed the seed of love and respect for each other in their hearts. Tilak of Radha -Krishna was done by Mrs. Meenakshi Panjwani, Principal APS Jhansi

Children Bio Diversity Congress


13 students from APS, Jhansi participated in ‘Children Bio Diversity Congress 2019’ conducted by IGFRI (Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute) on 22 Aug 19 for classes VI-XII, which included competitions like Essay, Quiz, Poster Making, Elocution etc.

Hindi Cluster Level Debate Competition


Hindi Cluster Level Debate Competition was organized on 20 August at White Tiger Institute. The topic for the same was “ Manav Apne Bhagya Ka Swayam Vidhata Hai’. Six teams from APS Jhansi, APS Babina, APS Gwalior, APS Bhopal APS Saugor and APS Kamptee participated in the debate. Each team consisted of 3 students. The winning trophy was bagged by APSJ.

Welcome of the Newly Appointed Vice Principal


Mr. Naushad Khan, a newly appointed Vice Principal of APS, Jhansi received a warm welcome in the assembly on 19 August by the Principal and the entire staff of the school on his joining. He addressed the assembly and expressed his sincere desire and zeal for a successful and fruitful tenure.

Fire Drills


Fire drills are very important in schools as it enablesus and helps us refine our evacuation plan and ensure everyone in the school is prepared for an emergency. Keeping the above in mind an evacuation and fire drill was conducted successfully in APS Jhansi on 17 august 2019 at 10:00 am. It also helps familiarize teachers and other responsible people with their role during an emergency. All school staff performed their duty well during the drill and helped the students to evacuate the school safely on time

Independence Day 2019


Army Public School Jhansi celebrated the 73rd year of india’s independence of 15th August 2019 with great pomp and joy at the school premises. The chief guest for the event was Brig Sumeet Mathur , Chairman Army Public School Jhansi. He was accorded a warm welcome by the Principal Mrs. Meenakshi Panjwani, student council members and the NCC Cadets. The function began with the unfurling of the national flag by the chief guest Brig Sumeet Mathur along with the Principal Mrs. Meenakshi Panjawani. The enthusiastic singing of the national anthem was followed by a grandeur band display. The patriotic renditions by the choir and the colourful dance by the students charged the atmosphere with patriotic spirit. A thought provoking speech in English was given by the Head girl Miss Shalini Tiwari, highlighting the significance of the this day which was followed by the Hindi speech by the Vice Head girl Miss Aishwarya. The inter house orchestra competition was also held which left the audience spell bound. There after the chief guest addressed the gathering and shared his thoughts on this occasion. He spoke about the importance of this day and paid homage to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for India’s freedom. The programme was culminated with sweet distribution by the chief guest followed by tea.

State Level Kabaddi Competition


A team of 10 students won gold medals at the State Level Kabaddi Competition held at Agra on 11-12 Aug 19. They have been selected for the National Level Competition to be held at Haridwar (Uttarakhand) from 17-19 Aug 19.

Investiture ceremony


The Investiture ceremony of APSJ was held with great pomp and show with high degree of earnestness and passion. The selected council members were bestowed with badges and sashes by the Principal. As an innovative step, council members have also been selected from the junior wing. The students’ council took the pledge to uphold the school motto of Loyalty, Truth and Honour in high esteem. The Head boy Satyam Shrivas and the Head girl Shalini Tiwari concluded the ceremony with a formal speech followed by the National Anthem.



A special assembly was conducted on account of Eid-Ul-Zuha on 9th August 2019. This was followed by a short speech rendered by Alia Mulla highlighting the significance of Eid- Ul- Zuha. The prayer chosen for the occasion was ‘Lab pe aati hai dua ban ke tamanna meri…..’ recited by the students of classes VI-VIII.

National Level Fencing Competition


Sudarshan Singh of class IV-A won Bronze medal in the National Level Fencing Competition held at Nasik during 6-8 Aug 19. Gurusimarveer Singh of class V-A and Yuvraj Ojha of class VI-D were awarded with National Level Participation Certificates.

ADM & TECH Inspection


The Academic and Technical inspection was held on 5th and 6th Aug 2019. The inspecting team comprised of Brig Sanjay Thakaran S.M. Deputy GOC, 36 Rapid, Major Sujata SO 1Edu, Ms Seema Dwivedi Principal APS Bhopal. The inspecting team was welcomed by the Principal Mrs. MeenakshiPanjwani, the Head boy Master Satyam Shrivas and Head girl Miss Shalini Tiwari. On the first day of the inspection i.e. 5th Aug 2019 the team observed the teaching of some teachers and the record (documents) of the school were checked. On the second day i.e. 6th Aug 2019 MsSeema Dwivedi Principal APS Bhopal and Ms Sujata SO 1Edu. observed the morning assembly conducted by the students. Thereafter the inspecting team went around the school building inspecting the labs and other facilities provided by the school. After which the staff was directed to the auditorium where the inspecting team Brig Sanjay Thakaran S.M. Deputy GOC, 36 Rapid , Major Sujata SO 1Edu and Ms Seema Dwivedi Principal APS Bhopal met the staff and interacted with the teachers. The inspection ended with the report written by the inspecting team. The inspection went off well successfully.

Herbal Garden Plantation


As we all know that the best form of learning is “learning by doing”. Keeping the above in the mind, Eco club conducted the activity of tree plantation in herbal garden on 3 August 2019 in which students of classes VI- VIII participated enthusiastically. Students thereby had a hand on experience of preparation of soil, removal of weeds, importance of adding manure and fertilizers to the soil and medicinal importance of herbal plants like Aloe Vera, Vinca Rosia, Ocimum Sanctum etc.

Kargil Vijay Diwas


An inter house folder making competition was held on 17 July 2019 for all the classes of VI to IX and XI. It was a class activity with 100% participation of the students. 20 best entries were selected from each class for the finals. The following themes were decided in view of the upcoming Kargil Vijay Diwas.

White Tiger Sainik Institute


A visit was organized on 25 July 2019 to White Tiger Sainik Institute for classes VI A, VII A & VIII A as a part of experiential learning to attend a motivational lecture on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas.

Certification Distribution


Uttar Pradesh Swimming Competition

World Population Day


Special assembly on the occasion of World Population Day was held in APS Jhansi. On this day a speech was delivered by Kasvi Dhankhar of IX D to raise awareness about the issues of global population.

Humanity Olympiad


APS, Jhansi conducted online Humanity Olympiad organized by Humanity for classes VI- XII from 10 July to 25 July 2019. Approx 1000 students participated in the same.

Experiential Learning


A Yoga session for classes I & II was conducted to practice Ashtanga Yoga followed by Pranayama. It was conducted with the purpose of Introducing our tiny tots to yoga at an early age to help them learn healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for a fit future. As a part of experiential learning activities like "Walk in a queue" and “Cloth Folding" were organized for classes I and II. These simple activities enhance the personality of students and fill them with a sense of being self-dependent.

Felicitation Ceremony-2019


A Felicitation Ceremony was organised on 9 th July’19 at Army Public School, Jhansi to acknowledge and honour the performance of the toppers and above 90% scorers of class X and XII Board Examination. The Chief Guest Maj General Vijay Singh VSM, GOC 31 Armed Division, (Patron) Army Public School Jhansi, graced the occasion with his presence, Brig Sumeet Mathur Commdr 614 (I) Mech Ad Bde, Col Evneet Singh Bedi CO 142 Ad Regt, Lt Col Atul Dang SO 614 (I) Mech Ad Bde and parents of the meritorious students were also a part of the celebration. The Chief Guest Maj Gen Vijay Singh VSM and the dignitaries were accorded a warm welcome by the Principal Mrs Meenakshi Panjwani Primary Wing Head Boy Prashant Tripathi, Head Girl Nivedita and the NCC Cadets. The Patron felicitated 36 meritorious students of class X and XII with merit certificates and cash awards for their commendable performance in the Board Examination. The school topper was Master Chirag Sahu from the Commerce Stream. Twenty one Board Teachers were also

Teacher Farewell


Mrs Abhilasha Tiwari

Club Activities


Keeping in view the holistic development of a child and to develop the various facets of personality in a child we at APSJ in the month of July had organized co-curricular activities under clubs where children were taught various activities such as Classical dance, Embroidery and Stitching, Yoga, Aerobics, Martial arts, Cooking without fire, Origami, Best out of waste and Eco-club. Students are learning to be organized for the purpose of self-learning and team work.

Primary House Meeting


House meeting for the senior and Junior wing was held on 3 July 2019 in the assigned areas for the selection of council members and preparing the students for the upcoming CCA activities.

5th International Yoga Day


The 5th International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2019 in the premises of Army Public School Jhansi to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to every soul in the world. This was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried every day. It was one hour session, started at 7.00 am and ended at 8.00am. All the faculty and non-faculty members and students participated enthusiastically in the program. Program started with Pranayama as warm up , followed by Surya Namaskar and ended with divine and peaceful meditation. Prayers were recited before and after the programme. It was all together a rejuvenating experience for the participants. Heartfelt thanks to our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi for giving an opportunity for schools to celebrate the International Yoga Day. The school is also thankful to CBSE for initiating this under them, also for inculcating Yoga as a part of the syllabus.

Closing Ceremony of Summer Camp


The summer camp ‘Passport to Fun’ ended with the closing ceremony on 22nd May 2019. All the students participated with great enthusiasm. The school choir presented a melodious number followed by Instrumental music show and Remix dance by the students of classes 1-8. The program concluded with a vote of thanks to all the class teachers, activity teachers, parents ,students those who participated and all the group D staff members for their sincere endeavors and hard work. At another venue ie under the assembly shed , students welcomed their parents with great enthusiasm showcasing their beautiful craft items made during the summer camp whereas few students as a chefs preparing food without fire for their loved ones. Parents were being guided to try some no-flame, lip-smacking recipes such as Sandwiches, Bhel pur and refreshing lemonade. Students and the staff had a wonderful time in the Summer Camp. They enjoyed fun filled activities and most importantly, they learnt things which are useful in everyday activity.

Faculty Enrichment Programme (Day -4)


The fourth day of the enrichment programe’s first session was conducted by Mr Prabhakar Shrivastava (TGT-English) on Spirituality - A Need of Every Soul in this work shop spirituality was presented as an advanced and true science. Views of the great scientists like Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, were presented about spirituality. Three major topics were covered through three questions i.e. what is spirituality? Why should one become spiritual and what are the important elements of spirituality? A detailed explanation was given on Removing Arrogance, and desires to live a spiritual life. Worldly happiness was presented as an illusion and unsatisfactory. In the end Concept of God was presented in the light of Bramhasutra, Upnishads and Bible

Faculty Enrichment Programme (Day -3)


The third day first session of the enrichment prograMme commenced with a Yoga session taken up by the Yoga teacher Mr Vishal Yadav who apprised the teachers on the need to follow yoga in your daily life and how to benefit through Pranayams and Aasans to lead a healthy stress free life. The second session was conducted by Mrs Neelam Kalsi an English outsource faculty (Ex Principal Arya Kanya Degree College, Jhansi and Guru Harkrishan Degree College, Jhansi). Her topic was on Emotional Intelligence and how to manage your emotions intelligently. She interacted with teachers and brief them on how to control your emotions and deal with them effectively. Mrs Kalsi also had an interaction and an open discussion with the 12thstd students giving tips to improve concentration to perform better. She also discussed and gave solutions to enhance English vocabulary and improve speaking skills. In the Tal session the teachers were taught Excel Formula Cell Organizing sorting etc

Horse Riding classes


Horse riding classes were conducted for the students of classes 6 to 8 as a part of summer camp from 13 May – 22 May 19 , in which various techniques of walking and trotting was taught to the students. Altogether 15 students from class 6 and 12 students from class 5-8 participated enthusiastically in the same

Faculty Enrichment Programme (Day -2)


The second day of the faculty enrichment programMe, session one was conducted by an eminent personality Mrs Laxmi Rammurty (TGT Eng KV-1). She guided the teachers with Essentials of Language Skills and emphasized on the four main languages skills i.e. LSRW (Listening, Speaking Reading and Writing) and she taught different techniques to enhance their language skills and create an interest for language in children. The second session was conducted by Ms Uma Sharma on Cognitive Distortions and suggested measures to overcome them. The aim of the topic was to make the teachers aware about their own cognitive Distortions and how to develop better understanding for students & parents. In the TAL session hand on practice in Power Point was given

Summer Camp ( Senior )


‘Passport to Fun’ Summer Camp 2019 -20 was organized from 13th May’19 to 22nd May’19 for classes 5th to 9th which was aimed at teaching various new skills to students in order to promote a learning environment and to equip them with real world skills apart from the set academic learning. Altogether 100 students participated in the same . Summer Camp introduces innovative ways of learning life skills and management skills among children belonging to various communities .The core ingredients of the programme are as follows:

Sports Coaching classes


Sports Coaching Classes were conducted for various games like Kabaddi, Taekwondo, Football and Cricket every day from 6:30a.m. to 7:30a.m. on all working days. Many students participated with full enthusiasm.

Faculty Enrichment Programme Inaugural Session (Day -1)


The first day of the programme commenced with the inaugural session. Brig Sumeet Mathur Chairman Army Public School, Jhansi Cdr614 (I) Mech AD Bde inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp and addressing the staff on the relevance and need of faculty enrichment program that caters to keep the teachers at pace with the present changes in education system and enhances their teaching skills to meet the present demands. The first session of the day was conducted by Lt Col T Harish on Income Tax. He briefed the teachers on how to invest and in the meantime his main focus was on savings and filing online IT returns. The second session was taken up by Mrs Manjula Pandey on Time Management wherein she covered the need for time management its importance and its benefits.

Summer Camp (Passport to Fun)


A Summer Camp was organized from 13 May’19 to 22 May’19 for classes 1 to 5 which was aimed at teaching various new skills to students in order to promote a learning environment and to equip them with real world skills apart from the set academic learning. Altogether 134 students participated in the same. All the activities of camp for primary section was coordinated by primary wing teachers.

NDA/ RIMC/ Sainik School Classes


As per the instruction NDA/ RIMC/ Sainik School Classes, teacher in charges were finalized for each group. Screening test of NDA/ RIMC/ Sainik School wer taken after the preparation classes and then the result of each subject was compiled and received by the concerned teachers

A Demonstration on Ariel Silk


It is a matter of great pride that a national level competition on Ariel Silk is going to be organized at Dhyan Chand Stadium, Jhansi on coming dates of 30 May, 31 May and 1 June 2019. A demonstration on Ariel Silk was showcased on 10 May 19 in the school by a group of boys and girls from the New Era Public School and Kushal Ariel Silk Association, U.P. to apprise the students of APS, Jhansi about the same.

Mothers Day Celebration


Mothers Day Celebration

An Inter House competition on “Public Speaking


An Inter House competition on “Public Speaking” was conducted for classes VI- IX during zero and CCA period ,where students were judged on the criteria of presentation, relevance to theme, content and props

A Cleaning Activity


To inculcate the sense of self dependency in the students ‘A Cleaning Activity’ was organized for class III on 8 May’ 19. Students were asked to bring an unwashed hand kerchief and were taught to wash it nicely

Result of Class X & XII


The results for the classes X & XII were declared on 6 May 2019 and 2 May 2019 respectively. 103 students of class X appeared for the board exam and exhibited outstanding performance with 100% result and five students scored above 95% with the jump of 100 points from the last year and being at rank one in the cluster. The API for the same is 299.03. A total of 100 students of class XII appeared for the board exam out of which 99 passed. 9 students scored above 90% with an overall API of 230 with the highest score from the previous years

Club Activities (For Junior Wing)


Keeping in view the holistic development of a child and to develop the various facets of personality development of children this Saturday also we have organized club activities under which children were taught various activities such as Classical dance, Embroidery and Stitching, Yoga, Aerobics, Martial arts, Cooking without fire, Origami, Best out of waste and Eco-club. Children enjoyed and learnt a lot under different clubs

.Star Class


Classes I- XII have been awarded Star- Class for the week 15th April – 27th April 19 on 2nd May 19 based on the criteria like - cleanliness of the class, discipline and overall grooming of the students.

Group Song Competition


Group Song Competition-‘Mile Sur MeraTumhara’ was held on 1st May’ 19 in the Zero period for classes VI- IX. The group singing competition was held on occasion of Labour Day Celebration.

Labour day


Labour Day



Special assembly was conducted on 30th April 2019 on account of AWES Day (29th April) by the students of classes VI and VII.

Cleaning Activity


Students love playing with water in Summers, keeping this in mind ‘A Cleaning Activity’ was organized for class I & II on 24 April 2019. Students were asked to bring an unwashed hand kerchief and were taught to wash it nicely to inculcate the sense of self dependency.

Orientation Programme for Classes (I- V)


The orientation programme for the parents was conducted in the month of April 2019 for classes I- V. 278 parents attended the programme which included welcoming the parents and apprising them about the basic infrastructure, facilities, rules and regulations and an overview of various scholastic and non-scholastic activities planned for the entire session in APS Jhansi. Also information was given regarding the school website, uniform, fee, PTM, transport and contact number. All the parents actively participated in this orientation programme and it was concluded with the vote of thanks given by the Principal, APS Jhansi, Mrs. Meenakshi Panjwani.



‘Good Friday’ is celebrated by many Christians around the world to commemorate Jesus Christ’s passion, crucifixion and death and to spread the message of ‘Love all and Forgive all’. On this occasion, the students of class VIII performed a musical skit during special assembly to spread the message of humanity and love for all.

Orientation Programme for Classes (VI- XII)


The orientation programme for the parents was conducted in the month of April 2019 for classes VI- XII. 166 parents attended the programme which included welcoming the parents and apprising them about the basic infrastructure, facilities, rules and regulations and an overview of various scholastic and non-scholastic activities planned for the entire session in APS Jhansi. Also information was given regarding the school website, uniform, fee, PTM, transport and contact number. All the parents actively participated in this orientation programme and it was concluded with the vote of thanks given by the Principal, APS Jhansi, Mrs Meenakshi Panjwani.

RAM Navami


Special Assembly was conducted on 12th April 2019 on account of Ram Navmi by the students of class 6th.

Preparation classes for Sainik School, RIMC & NDA


Preparation classes for the entrance examination of Sainik School, RIMC and NDA have been started for the new students of APS Jhansi under the guidance of an expert team of teachers, wef 8Th April 2019, during zero period.

Star Class of the Week


The HPD team monitors the holistic personality development of the students from time to time. In the week the members of the team inspect the students and their classrooms. For the week (1st April -7Th April)- the members of the team prepared the result for classes in which one section of every class was declared the star of the week.

Sports Coaching Classes


These classes have been started wef 8th April 2019 for the students of APS Jhansi from 6:30 7:30 a.m. for the development of mental health, physical fitness, overall personality, confidence and team work. The various sports activities include training the students in games like Kabaddi, Football, Taekwondo Sprinting, Jogging and Long Running. Also the students were taught about the various forms of Yoga and importance of breathing exercises under the guidance of sports teachers Mr. Ashok, Mr. Vishal, Mrs. Poornima, Mr. Brijesh and Mr. Shailesh.

Club Activities (For Junior Wing)


The first club activity was introduced from the first Saturday of the session, which was full of surprises for all the students. It was a ‘No bag day’ and the students enjoyed various activities like Nature Walk, Visit to Floral Park, Taekwondo, Yoga and movies (mythological). All the teachers worked as a team and enjoyed this group activity.

Club Activities (For Senior wing)


Keeping the holistic development of children some action packed club activities were conducted in the second week of April for the students of classes VI-VIII . students participated, enjoyed and learnt new skills under the two categories i.e. Club A and Club B. Activities such as classical dance, embroidery & stitching, yoga, web designing, martial art, origami, best out of waste, eco club, aerobics and cooking without fire made the students energized and explore new skills as per their interest.

House Meeting of Senior Wing


The first house meeting for 2019-20 was conducted on 3rd April 2019 during zero period and the CCA period, at the various allotted venues. The meeting started with the introduction of the house masters and teachers, nomination of Council members and class wise listing of all the house students. Various upcoming CCA activities were discussed and the students were motivated to participate individually and as a team.

House Meeting of Junior Wing


This year we have introduced the concept of house system for classes 1-5. The first house meeting was conducted in the school garden and assembly area. Agenda for the meeting was the introduction of ‘House Concept’ to the students along with preparation for upcoming activities.

Yuva Vigyanis Karyakram (Yuvika)


The young scientist programme was launched under Yuva Vigyanis Karyakram (Yuvika) for class X students appearing for the academic year 2019-20. Detailed information regarding this programme was given to the students by the teachers. The students were briefed on the programme in detail regarding the ISRO young scientist event during the summer break and the expenses if selected will be borne by ISRO. The students were shown the link by Mr. Prashant& Mr. Sanjay Tiwari and were guided on the step wise procedure to apply for the above programme.

Commencement of the New Session


On the commencement of the new Academic Session 2019-20, Principal Mrs Meenakshi Panjwani delivered a short inspiring speech exhibiting the importance of students life in shaping their future. On the same day, students with 100% attendance were felicitated after stressing on the importance of regularity to school for developing overall performance.

Farewell of Ms Archana Dutt, VP & Ms Meena Chandel, PRT


It was the day to bid farewell to two of the strong pillars of APSJ, with heavy hearts the family organized a beautiful programme for both of them. The programme was attended by Col Evneet Singh Bedi, CO, 142 AD Regt (SP) as a gesture of recognition for the amount of years and work put in by these two teachers. The MC of the programme was Ms Rashmi Prakash, TGT (English). The programme started with a warm welcome for both the teachers followed by a beautiful dance by students. Next in line was a medley of songs presented by old staff members which was followed by a dance performance by young teachers. So many beautiful words were spoken for both the teachers by their colleagues. The programme concluded with Principal Ms Meenakshi Panjwani’s words thanking both the teachers for their unforgettable contribution and wishing them very best for their upcoming lives. Both the teachers were presented gifts on behalf of entire staff. At last everyone enjoyed the sumptuous lunch.

Annual PTM


The session closing PTM was organized where in all the parents were attended personally by class teachers. The class teachers briefed parents about the performance of their ward throughout the session and also told the parents about the strong points of their wards. For the students who need a little extra attention in any academic part parents were told about steps to be taken from the very starting of the new session. At last parents were assured that their children are our priority and hence are being very well taken care of.

Farewell Teachers


Farewell to 5 teachers were given with due respects in a bright atmosphere. The MC for the programme was Ms Renu Singh. A farewell song prepared by co-teachers was a memorable one. Many of the colleagues took this opportunity to speak few words about the teachers embarking a new journey in their lives. At last Principal Ms Meenakshi Panjwani felicitated all of them with bouquets and a parting gift. The programme concluded with tea and snacks.

LSB Interview


LSB interviews were conducted in APSJ from 12 to 14 March for filling up the vacancies for upcoming session. The interview team comprised of a board of 8 people including the presiding officer. All the candidates were made comfortable with proper seating and other arrangements.

Board Exam Duty (Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jhansi)


40 Teachers from APSJ were assigned board exam duties to be conducted in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jhansi. All the teachers carried out all the tasks provided in line of CBSE rules and smoothly carried out the needful.

Annual Examination


Annual examination for the school started on 3rd March and continued in a well organised manner resulting in a smooth functioning of school as well completion of related works in time. The arrangement of re-test for all the students with medical or valid reasons were also made and the re-test were conducted as per a planned date sheet.

Maha Shivaratri


Maha Shivaratri

Sharing Party


To mark the end of session and enjoy the memories of time spent together, a sharing party was organised for all the classes. Students loved the concept of partying in school and were keen to take on the responsibility to make their party joyous and happening. Later, all the students took part in cleaning activity to mark their presence in keeping our country clean.

Jessica Peter Scholarship for Class-IX


Every year APS, Jhansi awards a scholarship from The Jessica Peter Donation Fund, to one of the most eligible girl student based on academics and other activities. For the session 2018-19 this scholar ship was awarded to Muskan from IX D, it was indeed a proud moment for the student and parents.

Science Olympiad Prize Distribution


Like every year, this year also APS Jhansi conducted Olympiads for classes I to XII. The Competition was conducted for Science, English, Mathematics and GK. IGKO was conducted on 25 Sep 2018, there were 40 participants and 3 secured gold medal. IEO was conducted on 4 Oct 2018, there were 44 participants and 3 secured gold medal. NSO was conducted on 1 Nov 2018, there were 78 participants of which,7 secured gold, 4 silver and 4 secured Bronze medals. IMO was conducted on 4 Dec 2018, there were 178 participants 11 secured gold, 8 silver and 9 bronze medals.

Good luck wishes for Class 10


Principal wished best of luck to the students of class X for their board exams by offering sweets and putting tilak on their foreheads. She told the students to rise above any iota of negativity and self-doubt.

Presentation about Good & Bad Touch


A child safety programme for the protection of children against child abuse was conducted in APS Jhansi by Ms Nishi Shukla, Ms Keya Vivek and Ms Shalini Sharma. The programme was conducted in two phases; first phase was for the students of class III to V and second phase for the students of classes VI to VIII. The programme included a video named “KOMAL” along with a PPt .The aim of the programme was to create awareness for various type of child abuses. Emphasis was laid on the emotional, psychological and physical effect of such acts. Students were instructed about the use of various precautionary measures and to be brave enough to raise a voice against it. Students were also encouraged to share such problems if any with parents instead of hiding or feeling isolated.



APS Jhansi gathered on 16 Feb 2019 to bid farewell to the outgoing class XII batch. The Day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. The stage was festooned with balloons, coloured papers and backdrop was painted in different shades to go with the theme of ‘Bon Voyage’ for the valedictory ceremony. The vice head boy Satyam and vice head girl formally welcomed their seniors with a speech. It was a thoughtful programme starting from proper welcome, entertainment and awarding of various titles to the Class XII students.The ceremony ended with class XI singing a song and bidding an emotional farewell to their seniors which was followed by The Principal Meenakshi Panjawani’s address. She blessed the students with her loving words and lateron all enjoyed the lunch together.

Deworming Day


The national deworming day is an activity of Ministry of health and family welfare, Government of India to make each youngster in the nation worm free. Following this campaign Lt Col Mona Dubey from AMC delivered a very informative lecture to the students describing the ways in which worms affect us. Later she explained the symptoms created due to worms in our body and the precautions to be taken to keep us safe from worms. The campaign concluded with distribution of deworming tablets among all the students.

Counselling Session for Board Class Students (Class X & XII)


Mrs Smita Ojha, the Counsellor of the school conducted a workshop for counselling the students of class X and class XII appearing in Board Exam. Teacher discussed how to prepare for exam to overcome the stress and time management etc. Students discussed certain problems regarding non retention of the content and lack of concentration. The solution to their problems was given; so that they can prepare well and succeed.



PTM was conducted for all Classes of Army Public School, Jhansi on 31 Jan 2019 from 1230 p.m to 0130 p.m. Agenda of the meeting was distribution of syllabus and date sheet of final exams for Classes I to IX & X, showing of answer sheets and result of Pre-Board –II of Classes X & XII. The weak students from Class X and XII were sent to the respective subject teacher’s along with their parent for counseling and further intervention, as discussed earlier in the result analysis.

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0


On 29 Jan 2019, the second edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha was held on 29 Jan 2019, at Talkotra stadium, New Delhi. It gave a unique platform for students, teachers and parents to interact with our honourable Prime Minister to discuss issues reality to exams and stress from the same.The students of Army Public School, Jhansi were privileged to experience the interaction with our honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Damodardas Modi on Monday 29 Jan 2019.

Republic Day Celebration


On 26 Jan 2019, 70th Republic Day was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. The programme was compeered by Manya and Maira. The programme started with a speech by Vice- Head boy Satyam and Vice- Head girl Priya preceding the tableaus of various states after which there was a patriotic dance followed by the School song.The Chief Guest for the day Brig Sumeet Mathur distributed the CBSE merit certificates to outstanding students and enlightened the gathering with his words of wisdom. The day concluded with the Chief Guest distributing sweets to students.

CCA Prize & Certificate Distribution


CCA Prize & Certificate Distribution

Medical check up


On 21-25 Jan 2019, annual medical checkup for the session 2018-19 was done for Classes I to XII by the team of 331 Field Hosp.

Online Counselling for Classes 10 and 12


On 22 & 23 Jan 2019, online counseling for Class X was conducted on 22 & 23 Jan 19. Counseling was conducted by FUEL-(Friends Union for Energizing Lives) a credible non-profit organization which provides career guidance and counseling to the students throughout India. The counseling was conducted in two phases. Initially registration Form was filled on 17 Jan 2019. On 22 & 23 Jan 2019, personality attitude & aptitude tests were conducted for the students, later on a PDF report was generated for each student to guide the students in selecting the appropriate stream in class XI.

Seminar on the topic of Cancer


On 19 Jan 2019, a workshop was conducted on the topic “ CANCER” to make the teachers aware of it. The guest speaker highlighted the causes, symptoms, treatment & general precautions etc. Workshop was attended by Primary teachers. It was an informative and enriching session.

All India National Games 2019


On 10 Jan 2019, all India National Students Games 2019 was organized by students Games Association of Haryana under the aegis of Students Game Federation of India. It was conducted at United Sports Academy, Hisar from 10-12 Jan 2019. 3 boys participated from our school in UP Kaddadi team, one boy participated in UP Individual Skating, one boy participated in individual Carrom and all APS students secured first position in their respective games.

Annual Day Programme 2018


APS, Jhansi organised its Annual Function on 29 Dec 2018. School was honoured to have Maj Gen PS Minhas, GOC, 31 Armd Div and Mrs Aruna Minhas, Chairperson, FWO, 31 Armd Div as the chief guest. Chairman of the school Brig Summet Mathur, Cdr, 614 (I) Mech AD Bde, Mrs Ritu Mathur, other esteemed dignitaries and revered parents were the integral part of the guests list. Chief guest was welcomed by the Principal, Vice Principal, Senior Teachers & NCC Cadets followed by “Band Display”. The Annual Day was on around the theme “Navras – The Colours of Life”. The cultural show began with lighting of the lamp by the chief guest followed by a scintillating invocation dance ‘Shivstuti’ by students of class IX. The students of class I showcased ‘Barbie Dance’ which created the visual feast for the audience as it displayed the innocence & joyfulness of childhood little kids of class II depicted various aspects of ‘Saundarya Ras’.

Christmas Celebration


Christmas Celebration

CCA Activity


A Science Quiz was conducted for classes 3 to 5. It was a team event. The quiz was designed very interestingly keeping social networking apps as the theme. Due to its new format participants and non participants both enjoyed it a lot.

CCA Sports Activity


CCA Sports Activity

Bhasha Sangam


As part of the celebration of Linguistic Diversity of our country, the students of Army Public School, Jhansi have taken up the initiative of enhancing linguistic tolerance and respect, with great enthusiasm. The following programmes have so far been conducted:- (a) The 5 sentences pertaining to the language of the day were read out in the morning assembly and students were asked to repeat them.




Rangoli Making & Display Pictures


A Rangoli Competition was held on 15th December 2018. It was an inter house competition and 8 students participated from each house. All the students were indulged in designing beautiful rangolis . Every student participated with enthusiasm .Orchha house made a wonderful rangoli and hence it gained the first position.

Parakh Science Quiz


Parakh Science Quiz

CCA Sports - Cricket Competition


CCA Sports - Cricket Competition

CCA- Best out of waste


CCA- Best out of waste competition

CCA-A culinary delight competition (cooking without fire)


A Culinary Delight Competition was held on 12th December .The volunteers from classes 6th to 8th participated in this activity. The Competition was an interhouse event in which the students participated with full zest and showcased the latent talents .The food items which were displayed were remarkably exquisite creation of the students.

Asha School Jhansi


To celebrate World Disabled Day, twelve children of classes 8th and 9th with two school teachers Mrs Savita Agrawal and Mr Praveen Agrawal visited Asha School (situated near Military Hospital, Jhansi) with fruits, chocolates and snacks for distribution to all the children. Students of APS Jhansi played games, danced and celebrated birthday of a girl named Nayan studying in Asha School. APS Jhansi presented a short program. Asha School had catered Chola-Bhatura for everyone.

Gurunanak Jayanti


Guru Nanak Jayanti was celebrated on 22nd Nov 18 at 7:30am in APS, Jhansi. The program started with the Mool mantra which was beautifully recited by Manreet Kaur, Simerjeet Singh, Prableen Kaur, Harleen Kaur of classes III, VI and VII it was followed by a short speech by Pratiksha of class IX-C with which she enlightened everyone regarding the significance of the festival. At last the Shabd Kirtan was sung by the school choir which made the entire ambience of the school spiritual.

CCA Prize & Certificate Distribution


Slogan Writing Competition and Hindi & English Essay Writing Competition

Children's Day (Fete)


Children's day celebration

Career Guidance Program


Career Guidance Program for Class XII

Diwali Celebration


The festival of Diwali was celebrated in the school in which 24 students participated. The programme was conducted by class VII. It started with a speech about relevance of festival delivered by Panthea VIIA and Mannat VIIA. The next programme was a dramatic representation of the Epic Ramayana by Shyamanth KD, Himanshu Yadav, Pratima Kumari and Daksh Rai of VII D. Then followed a dance presented by 18 students of class VII.

CCA activities


CCA activities

CCA Sports Activity


CCA Sports Activity

Eradicate Corruption


Eradicate Corruption Build a new India 29th Oct 2018 to 03rd Nov 2018

State Kabaddi Championship


State Kabaddi Championship




Science Exhibition


Science Exhibition

Workshop online fee payment


Workshop online fee payment



Dussehara celebration

CCA activities


CCA activities i.e Thumb painting for Class-I,II and III, Dodging ball competition for class-IV and badminton competition for class-VII took place

ADM & TECH Inspection


Annual Administration & Technical Inspection for the Year 2017-18 in respect of Army Public School, Jhansi

Hindi Recitation Competition


Inter class Hindi Poem Recitation competition on the theme Diwali/ Dussehra was conducted, all the students were given the opportunity to recite a poem.

Card making competition


Dusshera and Diwali card making competition held in CCA period

Sports Activity


. A high jump competition was conducted for girls and boys in two categories in the zero period i.e. Senior category- classes IX and XI , Junior category- classes VI to VIII.

Gandhi Jayanti


Gandhi Jayanti

Tablet Lab


Tablet Lab

Trekking Tour


Trekking Tour

Mask Making Competition


A ‘Mask Making Competition’ was organised for classes I and II. Theme for class I was “Cartoon Characters” and for class II was “Super Heroes”. The masks were judged on creativity, colour combination and neatness. The students enjoyed the event.

Brain O Brain


Brain O Brain Prize Distribution

Education Tour (Cl I to V)


Visit to Fort and Museum

Origami Competition


Origami Competition was held on 19th Sept 2018 for class IV

TAel Classes


TAel Classes

English Elocution Competition


English Elocution Competition

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration


An special assembly to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi was organized which started with ‘Shloka Uccharan’ by students of classes IV - V followed by a short informative speech on “Ganesh Mahima” by Sanchita Das. The students confidently and melodiously chanted shlokas to invoke the blessings of ‘Mangalmoorti Ganesha’.

Teachers Day


Teachers Day

Welcome Principal


Welcome to our new Principal Mrs. Meenakshi Panjwani

Rakhi Making Competition


Rakhi making competition was held for classes II to V.

Independence Day


72nd ‘Independence Day 2018’ was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. Our honourable Chairman Brig Sumeet Mathur, Cdr 614 graced the occasion and unfurled the flag followed by the national anthem.

Investiture ceremony


Investiture ceremony